Monday, November 20, 2006

Car got hit in our parking lot. Just sitting there in Atlantic Center, and an errant Pathmark shopper ripped our front bumper off. Noice. Calling insurance companies all morning. The attendant actually flagged the woman down as she was trying to leave the lot, playing dummer that she had strafed our Honda. Noice.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Water very salted against the mucoviscidose?
Two scientific teams identified a new simple, inexpensive treatment and seems it, effective against the mucoviscidose: the twice-daily use in aerosols of a hypertonic solution saltworks. I.e. of strongly salted water.

"Twice more salted than the Atlantic Ocean" the authors specify. On the whole, these two operations - one American, the other Australian one gathered 188 patients. Both show "that aerosols with a solution saltworks twice per day, during 10 to 15 minutes each time, would improve really the pulmonary function, partly repairing the disorders caused by the disease".

Tested during nearly one year, this treatment would restore the carpet mucociliaire respiratory tracts. Which acts like a filter protègeant the organization - and in particular the bronchi, the trachea, the larynx... - against the foreign particles. In more than one improvement of the respiratory capacities, the patients would have seen decreasing their antibiotic consumption... and their absenteeism, school and professional.

For Pr Bruno Housset, President of the Company of Pneumology of French Language, "this work is undoubtedly to take with the serious one. This treatment was in the air for some time. Now that it seems to prove its effectiveness, we hope that it will arrive rather quickly at the patients".

Sources: New England Newspaper of Medicine, Vol.354, n°3

Action: The sale of dress annual!

Our selling campaign of dress is held, each year, in winter. For those which were not pleased yet to taste them, will know that these dress delicious are made by the famous Galler chocolate seller. This year, the green tube of Association was replaced by that prestigious and original of Galler where a sticker of L Associatiois affixed. Each tube contains 9 dress and is sold with the prices of 3 euro. 2 tastes are available: milk-hazel nuts and flux-praline-flavoured ice cream. You can buy them to taste them yourself or to sell them via work, school, entourage... They are available to the seat of our association (AV J Borlé 12 in Auderghem). You can come to seek them tous.les.jours working 9h00 with 17h00 or to order them by telephone , mall or fax. do not forget to mention the number of tubes and the desired taste. GOOD APPETITE!